Kings of the Kilburn High Road

By Jimmy Murphy

Production & Costume Designer.

A Livin’ Dred & Verdant Theatre Production. The Gaiety Theatre. Directed by Padraic McIntyre.

The play is about six male friends who left Ireland in the 70’s for better beginnings in London.  Unfortunately for most of them it has not quiet worked out. The play is set at the start of the millennium in the back room of a bar in Kilburn where the five men are having a wake for their friend who recently passed away.  The play uncovers much about these men’s lives and the secret behind the death of their friend. A secret they all live and carry deep within them. The Play kicks off and there is grand talk amongst the men about how well there doing and their plans for greatness. We are soon to find out that for most of them this is sadly just lies they say out loud to deflect from the poverty struck drink hole culture they have been sucked into.

I decided to have a theme of fallen grandeur subtly throughout this dank little pub’s back room.  Things like half hanging bunting, a red carpet leading up to what looks like a fallen crest, resembled in an empty dartboard box and broken wooden architrave around the exit door.  The design overall was based on multiple subtle aspects of fallen royalty and grandeur that reflect the characters great expectations when coming to London to make there riches but in reality for most of them they became broken men. When they started to make money, it was soon drunk and any great ideas to make their mark were missed and all that’s left is just drunken shite talk of what could have been.